Entry 1: Why I’m here. Really. -or- Memories of Star Wars C1

I was never one for blogging.

I’ve written news features, stories, even posted daily reports from local events. Random thoughts and daily updates from the everyday, however, are not something I indulge in on a regular basis. My good friend, John Booth, is a writer extraordinaire. Even his enthusiasm for blogging can’t get beyond the ADD-esque make-up of my thought process. Without an assignment to fulfill, no happenings to observe and report in a journalistic sense, I have a tough time getting the words out.

That’s still the case, however I now find myself typing for the sake of typing for one reason that I did not see coming until late this morning. In the midst of some house cleaning I stood in the middle of my spare bedroom/study/room-where-I-display-my-Star-Wars-collection. While looking at my Celebration 1 poster – something I’ve gazed upon more times than I can recall – the reality of the 10 year anniversary of that long weekend in Colorado dawned on me.

It’s been TEN YEARS since I marched across the mud with several thousand of my closest friends. TEN YEARS since I saw Anthony Daniels in person for the first time. Since I first stood next to a full-size X-Wing. Since I saw a real Chewbacca costume face-to-face. Since my first “Star Wars Only” event since waiting 2 hours in line to buy an opening day ticket for Return Of The Jedi. One event. One purpose. One collective mind. Many, many, many fellow geeks.

In the coming days I’ll try to piece together the shreds of memory that hang like so many cobwebs in my mind. I’ll even attempt to find, scan and post some photos — taken on film! Remember film? My purpose is simple: To wallow in the warm and fuzzies of a memorable event ; Share them with whomever finds them; Have those of you who were there share your memories of the rain, trolling for autographs and the day-long line at the merch tent.

May The Force, And The Memories, Be With You.

… to be continued.


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