Counting down again

In the remaining hours (there is now literally 1 day and about 9 hours) until the start of Star Wars Celebration V, I find myself as I did on so many Christmas Eves as a child – totally unable to sleep. This event is, for me, the culmination of many a month of preparation and anticipation as both a fan and a member of the “working” media.

— yes, note the quotation marks because my history as a fan makes my responsibilities as a photographer covering this event more a labor of love than any assignment I’ve had in recent memory.

It has been 5 years since my best-friend-and-co-conspirator in various Star Wars and media-related endeavors, John Booth, laid journalistic siege to Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis and came away with, not only 4 days of blogs, but a huge feature story that printed in the Orlando Sentinel only a week before the opening of Revenge Of The Sith. We now find ourselves as we were five years ago in the fleeting hours before our trek to Indianapolis – online, checking emails and the latest fan postings in the wee hours of the AM… and totally unable to sleep.

John and his daughter Kelsey – who will be joining us for day one of the 4 day extravaganza – arrived in Orlando yesterday and the ferver has been growing ever since. Playing host to my friends and the ensuing geek-fest that my house has become is reason one (of about a thousand) that this event has been the place to be and the thing to anticipate since the official convention announcements were made.

Panels, autographs and exclusive goodies are only part of the event, and not even the most gratifying part. The true attraction behind any event – be it Woodstock, a Star Wars Celebration or a week at summer camp – is the people you spend it with. The fellow fans we met in Indianapolis are still discussed over many a phone call, email, and face-to-face chat. John’s favorite line from the film Fanboys – which was on our movie watch list just this evening – sums it all up…

“It was never about the movie. It was about all of us.”

Thankfully not faced with the same deadlines and work-related obstacles we had in Indy, we are able to relax and enjoy this latest gathering of the Force Faithful – although you wouldn’t know it to look at us as we sit in my kitchen, hunched over our laptops searching the interwebs with that impatient, jittery ferver saved only for massive fan gatherings and visits from Santa Claus. The clock is ticking. It’s almost time.

… Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


One response to “Counting down again

  1. Christmas Eve, indeed. And so many good presents to pick amongst, with all the good panels and guests they’re offering. I don’t know which ones to open! Thankfully, I don’t think there are any socks or underwear under this tree, unless they’re Darth Vader underoos! Can’t wait!

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