… almost there!

As Alice once said, “… curiouser and curiouser.” It’s relevant in the hours leading up to a massive event like C5, even if you’re no stranger to all the pomp and circumstance.

Panels? Yes. Vendors? Yes. Celebs, autographs, lines and hoards of fellow geeks? Yes. But there’s always something that sets it apart.

In Colorado, for Star Wars Celebration I (back then it wasn’t Celebration I because who knew if – like the Skywalker family –  there’d be “another”) we had rain. And mud. And massive, massive scheduling issues. But we also had fun. Nothing brings people together, and sets their worries at ease, like abandoning all control of their schedules. We just had no choice at CI. But we gathered, and chatted, and played impromptu trivia, and just enjoyed the company.

In Indianapolis for C3 (I missed C2) we had lines. No rain, just lines. Granted I was part of the “working” media so we didn’t have to wait outside every day, but we ALL had to endure the C3 ship line. And the George Lucas Q&A line. And the lines to wait in lines… you get the picture.

… however. Having hotels, the mall and the convention center all in the same cluster – with walkways joining them together – made it quite convenient and very, very cool.

This time, the party is in my back yard. Orange County Convention Center is all of 10 minutes away from my house. So far, the thing that sets C5 apart from the others is the fact that I have saved THOUSANDS in travel and hotel expenses.

My friend John and I are in the last minutes of checking schedules, packing equipment, quoting films and just smiling so hard our faces hurt.

What will make this particular Celebration special? Really, it doesn’t matter. It’s already special.

… but just to be safe, bring an umbrella.


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