Good day, sunshine.

If the highest level of tension you experience at a convention happens when some jackass cuts the line for a photo op in front of an oversized action figure card, you’ve had a good day.

Yes, this happened to John today. And, yes, it was the most stressed we really got in our first 10 hours at Celebration 5.

"What's this f*ckin Trekkie doing!?" exclaimed John as his photo op was interrupted.

Without the immediate deadline pressure of past events, we were able to take our time and enjoy everything. And the immense size of Orange County Convention Center – and Lucasfilm’s occupation of the entire building – made for a much roomier and more comfortable layout. Crowds were never stifling, quarters never got close and, all geek-related spazzing aside, the pace was never hectic. (it’s not a convention with out a little spazzing)

Pictures are worth a thousand words – not including the captions – so I’ll just let them speak for themselves.

… with a few captions.

Not a Star Wars item, but still kick ass, was Ralph McQuarrie's actual drawing of the Arc Of The Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Arc in The Art Of Ralph McQuarrie Gallery.

... and there's John (much more calm) reflected against a painting, also in the McQuarrie gallery.

Jon Berg and Lorne Peterson discuss the models and stop motion animation techniques used in The Empire Strikes Back.

That kid was friggin awesome. You ever envy a 6 year old? I have.

Double your Dengar, double your fun.

Keep your stripes, I'll put that on my shoulder any day.

Stairs are for Jedi.

A display of exclusive cereal box designs given out ONLY at the collector panels. IwantIwantIwant!

Author, editor and all 'round awesome human Bonnie Burton gave a great panel on crafting Star Wars characters.

The TK Project art piece "Taken By Chewbacca" depicts a Storm Trooper who suffered the wrath of Chewie. It was crafted by Peter Mayhew himself (with some help from his family). TK Project helmets can be viewed at

Hasbro toy designer, and the man responsible for many of the "vintage" Star Wars toys, Mark Boudreaux. No, he didn't design the original Boba Fett figure but I thought he'd look cool holding it.

Darth Maul posing with a fan while velcro'd to the wall... or maybe it's an overhead view. I'm tired.

All in all, it was a good day. Even though I’m still sober.


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