Star Wars Celebration V is in the books. On the blogs. And in the Tweets. The orgyastic four-day festival of all things Star Wars (but mostly The Empire Strikes Back) was another affirmation of the enduring appeal of the saga, and the strength of the bonds of fandom.

In short, geeks rule!

I’m still regaining my strength and senses. Also getting used to the emptiness of my home which, until this afternoon, was bustling with the activity of fans in convention mode. My extended family – The Booths of Ohio – have since landed safely and settled back home. They are no doubt going through the same emotional re-adjustments that I am, as are several thousand others who just finished up a fantastic fan gathering.

You can’t help but feel bummed in the hours and days after such a great time has ended. Especially when you know it will be at least another 3 years until it happens again (Celebration IV would celebrate the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, which will be in 2013). Sifting through your memories – which, in my case, means editing photos – helps the decompression process and allows you to relive the happenings, revisit the people and hold on to everything that was.

I plan to put it all into words before too long. Some things – like Adrianne Curry and about 30 other women dressed in the Slave Leia metal bikini, and hanging out with ILM model maker Jon Berg – will be tough to put into words. For now, pictures will tell some of the story.

Hands down, most amazing costume of the con... and the best I've seen ANYWHERE so far.

Yup, that's John Stewart. And I didn't have to wait 12 hours in line for a wristband to see him!

I don't know and I don't care. Great Fett!

He had to take a Sith.

A great piece from the custom skate deck gallery.

In my day we had to use all different colors to make our LEGO figures! Get off my lawn.

Star Wars meets The Exorcist.

The 501st party. Yes, those are guys in Leia dresses. Be thankful they're not wearing the metal bikini.

Even Elvis is a Star Wars fan!

Anyone who thinks all Star Wars girls are weird-looking is a moron.

Chuck Silver of the band Sci Fried.

If Bow-Flex put this in their ad I might buy one.

Slave Leias Rule!

... and Adrianne Curry ROCKS!

The 501st Legion. Best costume club EVER (Adrianne is part of them too so the bikini is represented along with the armor)

That's a lotta troops.

The guy on the right is Steve Sansweet, Lucasfilm director of fan relations. The other two just got engaged after the big 501st group photo... not to Steve, to each other.


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